Artesanía León

Pottery tradition since 1906
Ceramics made in Spain

We show you some of the collections and decorations of our ceramics. See more.

Alfarería y Cerámica León S.L.

ARTESANÍA LEÓN is a factory of pottery and artisan ceramics of great familiar tradition that goes back to four generations of potters.

It was founded under the denomination of «Artesanía León» on 1970 by Diego Leon del Río, that worked like a partner in the inherited familiar company of its parents, who simultaneously had inherited it of their ancestors. 

Alfarería y Cerámica León S.L.

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Our products

Creates his own designs of pieces, decorated by hand, always experimenting with new materials, clays or enamels, and lending the maximum interest in the finished ones, thus to be able to offer the best quality.

Complete Catalog

Menage Pottery

Our ceramic ware items are hand-decorated and comply with the relevant sanitary regulations.


New tableware designs guaranteed by our health registry.


Deco Pottery

Great variety of hand-painted decorative ceramic plates, vases, lamps,…

Garden Pottery

Discover our ceramic products for the garden. Original ceramic pieces painted by hand. Discover more than 100 flower pot designs.

Garlic grater

Kitchen utensil used to finely chop solid foods, such as fruits, vegetables, stale bread and any more.

Market brushes and peelers.

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Our work

Details of the process of making our ceramics

Guarantee and Quality

Our sanitary registry guarantees the usability of our products for domestic use.
Artesanía León
Cerámica Artesanal
All our pottery is decorated by hand and is made with an exhaustive quality control.
Artesanía León
Cerámica Artesanal
Our products are native, manufactured in our facilities.
Artesanía León
Cerámica Artesanal

Hand-painted ceramic pottery

Discover our handmade ceramic collections. See the different decorations made by hand and the various shapes of our pottery and ceramics.

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