New prestigious brand for Andalusian crafts

The differentiation of artisan production is defined by two key elements: the raw material and the technique used. It is very likely that the client, when acquiring an object, a figure, a garment or an accessory, is not aware of the manufacturing process behind its preparation or elaboration, since he is faced with a finished final product of which he feels attracted by its beauty or its design. But crafts are generally associated with a good handful of positive values ​​such as originality, exclusivity, skill, quality, tradition, roots, culture, history … All that framework, in addition to promoting it, it is necessary to protect it, since it constitutes the basis on which the relationship of trust with the consumer is built.

Andalusia is one of the communities in which the handicraft sector acquires greater weight, since it brings together some 7,000 companies, more than 18% of national artisan firms, proven employment of almost 20,000 people, which represents around 19% of employment in the artisanal sector in Spain, according to data from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. Taking into account this relevance, the Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities has created a unique brand, ‘Crafts made in Andalusia’, with which it is intended to promote the promotion and commercialization of artisan production carried out in the region , as well as protecting and maintaining the prestige of this economic activity, of the professionals and their works.

Artisan products are often exposed to imitations and poor quality copies that affect sales and damage the reputation of original products, with consequent losses for the industry. For this reason, ‘Crafts made in Andalusia’ certifies that the item purchased is an artisan product made in an artisan workshop that has all the manufacturing guarantees and the highest quality standards and that the piece or creation is authentic, unique and unmatched. .

Source: Junta de Andalucía

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