Start the day with a good breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Starting the day with a full and varied breakfast is essential for optimal nutrition and for good physical and mental function.

It is not uncommon to meet people who do not eat breakfast in the morning or who at the most have a glass of milk or coffee. Breakfast is an important basis in the daily diet, since it is the first meal of the day and should give us enough energy to face a day of work or study.

Experts advise that breakfast provides 25% of the daily energy to be able to perform at the beginning of the day. A healthy and balanced breakfast should consist of milk, bread or cereals and some fruit or juice of these.

Recent studies have shown that a bad breakfast has a direct relationship with the level of attention of the little ones in class hours. An unbalanced intake produces metabolic changes in children that cause fatigue, attention deficit and other aspects of cognitive function. Like a car, our body needs gasoline in the morning to start working properly, if you do not give fuel to your body in the early hours of the morning it will draw reserves and these will not be as effective to carry out the morning work.

You just need to get up 15 minutes before and prepare a good breakfast to face the day. Here we leave a breakfast proposal: a glass of coffee with milk, an olive oil toast with tomato, cereals and an orange juice. You can substitute the orange for another fruit and the milk for yogurt. And you, do you have a good breakfast?

Text taken from the Blog Vitónica

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