How we make the garlic grater

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Food Grater

The operation is very simple

The food is repeatedly scraped against the rough surface of the grater plate and in this way the product is obtained in fine fragments.

Grate all kinds of food

It works just as well for the following foods: Garlic, ginger, chocolate, strawberries, cheese, nutmeg, olives, apples, pears, carrots, lemon, orange, nuts, tomato, etc…

To the table

Enjoy the best gastronomy served in our new models and tableware decorations.

Hand Painted Ceramics

ARTESANÍA LEÓN We create our own piece designs, decorating all the items by hand, always experimenting with new materials, clays or glazes, and paying the utmost attention to the finishes, in order to offer the highest quality.

Our ceramic items are decorated by hand. You can see the decoration process by pressing the button.

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Our Ceramics for Christmas

Hand-painted artisan ceramics

Discover our artisan ceramic collections. See the different decorations made by hand and the various forms of our pottery and ceramics.

Fabrication process

You can see how we work on our YouTube channel. You will be able to see the entire manufacturing process of our ceramics.

All our ceramics are decorated by hand and are made with an exhaustive quality control.