Mediterranean flavors

In terms of food, the Mediterranean diet is based on ingredients typical of local agriculture in countries with a Mediterranean climate, mainly Spain and Italy. It is summarized in reducing the consumption of meat and carbohydrates in favor of more plant foods and monounsaturated fats.

The salmorejo is a cold tomato cream designed to be consumed as a main dish in the hottest times of the year, taking into account the heat typical of the summer months in Andalusia.
Salmorejo is one of the main representatives of Córdoba’s cuisine and one of the most demanded dishes by both the Spanish public and foreign tourists at any time of the year.

The paella whose main ingredient is rice that is cooked with other ingredients such as fish, seafood, poultry, meat, vegetables, legumes, etc .; It is a typical dish of all Spanish regions, each one varying in the type and quantity of ingredients.
Olives are one of the most precious foods in the Mediterranean diet, especially for the juice that is extracted from them: olive oil. They are the fruit of the olive tree and there are many varieties, with different sizes and flavors.

Iberian ham has many benefits and many healthy properties for the body, and it is good for diets because it does not make you fat!
Iberian ham has many benefits for our health, apart from being a highly desired food. Ham is for Spain what pasta can be for Italy or salmon for Norway. A high quality product with many benefits. Ham is a source of proteins, minerals and vitamins necessary for our body, because they provide us with a balanced and moderate calorie profile.

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